Wrestlemania 2000 Moves

Al does a Double Axe Handle when the opp. is outside/standing, Al does a Low Speed Back Flip Splash when opp. is in ring/special/on ground, and he does a Diving Headbutt when opp. is outside/on ground...you have "TiltoWhirl backbreaker" under " Whip to Ropes " ...this should be "TiltaWhirl Backbreaker"

....finally, you have his rear special as being a Pump Handle Slam...this should be a German Suplex Pin...you may also want to add somewhere that HEAD is a weapon in both Attitude and WM2000....

the numbers for an updated facial look for Al on WM2000 are as follows:

Hair 1 or 2 -- change color to 0 ( zero ), this will change the hair color to it's natural darker shade.

Al's offensive and defensive attributes are as follows on a scale of 1-5, 1 being the worst and 5 the best:





Flying Attack=Defensive=4/Offensive=3

WWF WrestleMania 2000 updated costumes for Al Snow. For an up-to-date outfit change the numbers and colors to:


Ring Attire: 54, color: 4, 21

Upper body: 0


Hair: 6, color 0


Knee pads L&R: 0

Feet: 3, color: 21, 22

For a better looking J.O.B. Squad outfit change:


Upper Body: 22, color: 0

Credit:Staff Member Perrsun

Al Snow Wrestlemania 2000 moves


Punching and Kicking Moves

Name of MoveHow to do Move
Slaptap B
ChopD Pad + tap B
Dropkick to kneehold B + D Pad
Bossman Uppercuthold B
Shuffle Sidekickhold A + B

Front Grapple-Weak

Tap A grapple

Name of MoveHow to do Move
Double AxehandleA
PunchUP + A
Scoop SlamDOWN + A
Knee LiftLEFT or RIGHT + A
Headlock PunchB
SuplexUP + B
PiledriverDOWN + B
Arm Wrench Elbow SmashLEFT or RIGHT + B

Rear Grapples-Weak

Tap A Grapple

Name of MoveHow to do Move
Back DropA
Atomic DropB

Frong Grapple-Strong

Hold A Grapple

Name of MoveHow to do Move
Headlock PunchA
Back Body FlipUP + A
Backslide PinDOWN + A
Shoulder ThrustsLEFT or RIGHT + A
Manhattan DropB
Stall SuplexUP + B
Snap PowerbombDOWN + B
Snow Trapping HeadbuttLEFT or RIGHT + B
Snow PlowTap Control Stick

Rear Grapple-Strong

Hold A Grapple

Name of MoveHow to do Move
School BoyA
Release German SuplexB
Pump Handle SlamTap Control Stick

Whip to Ropes

Name of MoveHow to do Move
TiltoWhirl BackbreakerStrong Grapple + tap A
PowerslamStrong Grapple + hold A
Back TossWeak Grapple + tap A
Monkey TossWeak Grapple + tap A + D pad

Running Moves

Name of MoveHow to do Move
Shoulder Blocktap B
Body Attacktap A + B
Clothesline(hit ropes first)tap B
Elbow Attack(hit ropes first)tap A + B

Opponent On Mat

Name of MoveHow to do Move
Stomp(face up)tap B
Elbow Drop(face down)tap B
Mounted Punches(face up)near head, tap A
Knee Smash(face up)near feet, tap A
La Mahistrol Cradel(face down)near head, tap A
Half Crab(face down)near legs, tap A
Sleeper Hold(sitting up)tap A
Hammer Blow(sitting up)tap B
Camel Clutch(on all fours)tap A
Knee Drop(on all fours)tap B

Top Rope Moves

Name of MoveHow to do Move
Guillotine Leg Drop(opp down)move to buckle + DOWNc
Body Press(opp up)move to buckle + DOWNc

Corner Moves

Name of MoveHow to do Move
Choptap B
Front Kicktap B + D Pad
Shoulder ThrustsWeak Grapple + tap A
Eye Rake on RopesWeak Grapple + B
SuperplexStrong Grapple + A
FrankensteinerStrong Grapple + B