Attitude Moves for Al Snow

Al Snow Attitude Moves

WWF Attitude- Al's Rolling German suplex ( Rear Grapple ) is one of the most effective moves to stop somebody from tagging in their partner in a tag match. It also does lots of damage.

Credit:Staff member Perrsun

RED MOVES indicate Finishers, done when Opp's meter is red.
GREEN MOVES indicate Trademark moves, done when Opp's meter is yellow.

R=Right, L=Left, U=Up, D=Down

Standing Moves

Body SlamR, R, Punch
Hip TossR, R, Kick
Vertical SuplexR, R, Tie Up
Reverse Tiger SuplexL, R, Kick
Leg Scissor StompU, D, Punch
Frontface DDTU, D, Tie Up
Double Underhook SuplexL, D, Punch
Arm DragU, D, Kick

Tie Up Moves

Arm WrenchPunch
Top WristlockTie Up
Irish WhipL, L, Block
PiledriverU, D, U, Tie Up
Double Underhook SuplexL, Punch
Side SlamL, Kick
Underhook HeadbuttsL, Tie Up
Snow PlowL, U, Punch

Running Attacks


Attacks against Running

Back Body DropPunch
High Leg ClotheslineKick

Tie Up Behind Opponent

Belly To Back SuplexPunch
Full NelsonKick
Rolling German SuplexL, U, Kick
Reverse DDTL, Punch
Roll Up PinL, Kick

Ground Attacks

Rear Chinlock(by head)Punch
Crossface Punch(by head)U, D, Punch
Elbow Drop(by body)Punch
Knee to Inside Leg(by legs)Punch
STF(by legs)U, D, Kick
Fist Drop(while running)Punch

Top Rope Moves

Shoulder Tackle(opp up)Kick + Block
Elbow Drop(opp down)Punch
Money Shot(opp down)Kick + Punch

Corner Moves
(Opp Stunned)

Chest ChopsPunch
SuperplexTie Up
Repeated KickKick
Climb and PummelU, Punch
Atomic WhipL, L, Block
Charging Clothesline(While Running)Punch