No Mercy Codes for Al


These codes are from the Official Strategy Guide book from Prima

their Bio for Al reads:

For years Al Snow tried to make a name for himself in the World Wrestling Federation.However,his efforts never seemed to be enough,as Al continuously found himslf on the bottom rung of the ladder.Tired of goofy gimmicks and a less than envious win loss record,Snow was determined to finally hit it big in the WWF

Interestingly enough,Al was not fueled by determination alone.Rather,it appeared as though he had gone somewhat insane,as well.Now,Al talks to a disembodied mannequin head,which he affectionately calls HEAD.Unbelievably,alongside HEAD,Al Snow has found much success.In fact,he captured numerous titles in the Federation with HEAD by his side

Finally,Al Snow has made a name for himself in the WWF.Now,nobody can question whether Al can make it in the WWF.He's already turned back his harshest critics,en route to a very successful career,despite being somewhat insane.

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Front Grapple-Weak

Name of MoveHow to do Move
Double Axe Handletap A
Knee Lifttap arrow left or right + A Pad
Overhand Punchtap arrow up + A
Scoop Slamarrow down + A
Headlock TakedownB
Arm Wrench with Elbow Smasharrow left or right +B
Suplexarrow up + B
Piledriverarrow down + B

Front Grapple-Strong

Name of MoveHow to do Move
Headlockarrow left or right + A
Shoulder Thruststap arrow left or right + A
Northern Lights Suplextap arrow up + A
Backslide Pinarrow down + A
Manhatten DropB
Trapping Headbuttsarrow left or right +B
Hurracanrana Pinarrow up + B
Snap Powerbombarrow down + B

Back Grapple-Weak

Name of MoveHow to do Move
Back DropA
Atomic DropB

Back Grapple-Strong

Name of MoveHow to do Move
School BoyA
German SuplexB

Irish Whip Grapple-Weak

Name of MoveHow to do Move
Back TossA
Monkey TossA+Control pad

Irish Whip Grapple-Strong

Name of MoveHow to do Move
Tilt-a-Whirl BackbreakerA
PowerslamA+Control pad

Dash Grapple-Opponnent Facing Toward

Name of MoveHow to do Move
Headscissor TakedownA

Dash Grapple-Opponnent Facing Away

Name of MoveHow to do Move
Release German SuplexA

Front Turnbuckle Grapple-Weak

Name of MoveHow to do Move
Shoulder ThrustA
Eye Rake on RopesB

Front Turnbuckle Grapple-Strong

Name of MoveHow to do Move

Back Turnbuckle Grapple-Weak

Forearm SmashA

Back Turnbuckle Grapple-Strong

Super BackdropA

Opponent on Apron-Weak

Club on ChestA or B

Opponent on Apron-Strong

Suplex to insideA or B

Al on Apron-Weak

GuillotineA or B

Al on Apron-Strong

Sunset Flip over RopesA or B

Running Attacks-Weak

Shoulder BlockC triangel B
Body AttackC triangel down B

Running Attacks-Strong

ClotheslineC triangel B
Elbow AttackC triangel down A+B

Running Attacks-Turnbuckle

ClotheslineC triangel B
Elbow Attackc triangel down A+B

Opponent on Mat-Face up

Clutching PunchA(near head)
Knee SmashA(near feet)
Elbow Dropdashing B

Opponent on Mat-Face Down

Mahistral CradleA(near head)
Single CrabA(near feet)
Stompdashing B
Elbow DropB

Signature Moves(when attitude meter flashes"special)

Snow PlowFront grappler+analog stick
Spnning Hurracanrana Pinback grappler+analog stick
Snow PlowIrish whip+analog stick
Super DDTFront turnbuckle grappler+analog stick